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Jio launches new offer worth Rs.300 to stay ahead of its competitors

Everyone knows how difficult it is for everything during this pandemic. People living in cities have some kind of advanced technology by which even the uneducated or the illiterates have an idea of how to stay updated in the city world. But what about people living in backward regions and also being uneducated. Such small things as recharging your phone are not seen by many as a challenge. But people in backward regions, due to the present lockdown imposed, many people are unable to recharge their phones and facing difficulty to contact their family or during emergency situations.

Reliance Jio company has found a solution even for such problems and has reached out to those people facing difficulty in recharging their phones. Now the Jio users get 300 minutes free calling without recharges, one plus another plan is also free. Crores of Jio customers will be benefited from this special offer announced by the Jio company by bringing relief to the Jio customers in some or other way. The telecom company said in their statement that they wanted to ensure that their Jio customers are phone connected.

Recently one of the major public telecoms, Bhartiya Sanchar Nigam Limited, announced a new plan for its customers. The new plan aimed at giving 2 GB per day for its users. Now Reliance Jio wants to go all guns blazing with their new plan. Not only the new plan provides more call time, but also free messages and data as well.

What is there in the new plan for the customers? 

During the ongoing pandemic and lockdown, many people are unable to get the recharge on their phone, or for some other various reasons they are unable to do so. Hence to put relief on such Jio customers, the largest telecom company Reliance Jio has come up with a special offer of providing 300 minutes of free outgoing calling. From this special offer of Reliance Jio, the Jio customers will now be able to talk for 10 minutes daily unlimited for free without any problems without recharging as the company is providing 300 minutes of free outgoing calling per month on 10 minutes per day basis.

As before, incoming calls will be free to all the customers. The company has offered such special offers hoping that it will benefit crores of customers during this pandemic situation wherein due to the second wave of COVID- 19, many states had to impose a lockdown keeping in view the seriousness of the pandemic situation. So that at least they can contact their family every day without any issues and do not have to live in a dilemma situation. But for advanced plans of the internet and other such facilities to be availed, the customers have to put a recharge plan on their phones. 

Apart from this, Reliance Jio has a special plan for their JioPhone customers wherein they can recharge their phone and on recharging a mobile, the customers will get an extra plan of the same price for free. For example, you recharge your phone for Rs 75 on a 28-day plan. Then this means you will get another Rs 75 plan for free which you can avail of once your first plan is over. The telecom company has offered such plans so as to ensure that customers are mobile connected and are updated. Reliance Foundation has worked for society in various different ways during this pandemic. Reliance Foundation has set up India’s first COVID -19 care hospital in just a span of two weeks’ time and has now also increased the number of beds from 100 to 2,325 beds. 


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