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The Officers who pushed 75 year old protester to be fired: County Executive Order

New York: A 75-year old man hit his head when he pushed to the ground by Buffalo Police this Thursday evening, the County Executive called for the officers to be fired and they will be facing charges upon this act.

In an interview live on Daybreak Friday Morning, County Executive Mark Poloncarz called upon the officers responsible for the act, he also called the incident a black mark for the City of Buffalo and the community. As per reports, multiple investigations are ongoing looking into the incident.

Mark Poloncarz said, “Even though it was after the curfew, the man who was shoved didn’t appear he was trying to harm police in any way.”

“The police are here to serve and protect. They’re supposed to be the guardians of our citizens,” Poloncarz said. “They’re not supposed to be the warriors taking us on.”

“I am disappointed because of how avoidable the incident was. It was sickened looking at the video and seeing police officers continue to walk past the man lying on the ground,” added Poloncarz.

Two officers were already suspended from the force without pay after the video of the incident went viral on the internet Thursday night.