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Hindustan Unilever to provide free oxygen concentrators with a miss call

For 12 – 15 months the whole world is fighting a battle against COVID – 19. Most of the countries of the world have already won this battle and are now mask-free. One has to admit that no country in the world was ready to fight the pandemic on a large scale. While India is facing the second wave of COVID- 19 and the situation is worst here with a lack of availability of medical infrastructure like oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, lack of staff at a few places, blood, plasma, beds, ambulances, etc.

Even during last year’s pandemic situation and also during this year, the country has faced and is facing huge losses in most of the major industries and the country’s economy is going down. Hence to overcome this kind of pathetic situation, many major organizations and companies have come up with an initiative of helping the needy with essential items and services such as providing cab facilities at a reasonable cost or for free, donating blood and plasma, ambulance services, or reaching items like oxygenators, respiratory machines, ventilators, etc.

A few examples of those organizations who came forward to help out are Ola who is helping in shipping oxygen concentrators free of cost through its Ola Cabs app; providing cheaper communication facilities for free or at reasonable cost by giving extension to prepaid plan subscribers or offering increased talk time to lower-income households by telecom companies like Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, BSNL, etc. Similarly, one more such company that has announced providing free oxygen concentrators to your homes by just giving a missed call to the needy, is HUL or Hindustan Unilever Limited. 

Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) in collaboration with other companies has started a campaign of helping needy patients who are suffering from oxygen deficiency and named this campaign Mission Hope Hatra, by providing free oxygen concentrator to very needy patients. Since the outbreak of the second wave of COVID- 19 in the country, it has increased the need for oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators all over the country and those patients who are in bare need of oxygen concentrators are unable to get it on time. Many are losing their lives because of the non-availability of basic needs such as oxygen at the right time at the right place.

How Hindustan Unilever (HUL) is helping out the needy people)

HUL will provide oxygen concentrators for free and will not be charging anything from the people in need and the company has collaborated with KVN Foundation and home healthcare company Portia. This mission has been started in New Delhi and Bengaluru and is being said that soon these facilities will be spread in cities all over the country. The phone number to which the patients will have to give a missed call is 08068065385. 

After which the patient will receive a call from the company to verify the patient’s details and on finding their request reasonable, the company will deliver the concentrator to the patient’s home. Apart from this, the company’s volunteer will reach out to the patient for some help regarding helping the family in caring for the patient and to explain the running of the concentrator.

Under Mission Hope, oxygen concentrators will be delivered to the needy patients and once the patient has started recovering or has recovered, the company will be taking back those concentrators which then will be sanitized and put to use again. After this, it will be transported again to another needy person. Till now, the HUL company has ordered 5,000 oxygen concentrators from abroad under Mission Hope. 


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