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Airtel rolls out new offer during COVID-19

In this pandemic situation all over the country, we do not know where, when, and what happens to whom. Nowadays, whenever we get a call in the early morning or late night it is quite obvious for us to become anxious and we never know whether it is good or bad news. For twelve to fifteen months, from when coronavirus entered the nation and lockdown prevailed all over the country, we are only getting to hear bad news of people dying because of the virus or due to lack of facilities or for any other reason.

But many organizations and companies and even the government are trying their best to keep people happy even during this pandemic situation. They are trying to give the citizens as many facilities as possible in front of them. Though unnoticed by many, yet so important is one of the facilities to every human being which is being able to call their family members in this pandemic.

Most of the underprivileged and backward people have either lost their jobs or are unable to find one as even the job markets are too low in the nation. Such people are not even getting proper food to eat, then how will they recharge their mobile phones? Hence, to help out such sections of people and also other categories of people, telecom companies are continuously coming up with many special offers to their customers like Reliance Jio, Airtel, BSNL, and Vodafone Idea (VI) are in very tough competitions among them. So, coming to one such offer offered by one of these telecom companies, that is, AIRTEL is that, its customers will now be getting free high-speed data after recharging hoping that this will be helpful to its customers and will not have to at least struggle to avail for high-speed internet. 

In this offer of Airtel, customers will be getting cheap recharge plans, free data offer, and also free streaming apps. Once recharged, these customers will be getting free data coupons and the data will directly be credited to their accounts. There are some conditions before you get free data from Airtel. 

What are the prerequisites to avail of the offer?

Firstly, you should be an Airtel customer and secondly, you must have the Airtel Thanks app (which is the official app of Airtel) on your mobile phones. The same can be downloaded from the Google Playstore. The details about the free data and other related information you will be receiving through SMS once you recharge through Airtel and it can be redeemed through the Airtel Thanks app wherein you have to go to the ‘My Coupons’ option and redeem for the same. The expiry date of the coupon can also be seen in the same option. 

Information on which data plan to recharge in the first case is explained here. You will have to recharge an unlimited combo of a minimum of Rs 219. Other plans of the company of Rs 399 and Rs 598, on recharging, will get up to 6 GB of free data. Rs 219 will be valid for up to 28 days and an additional 2 GB of data on recharging. Rs 399 plan gives 4 GB data to its customers for free which will be valid for up to 56 days. Rs 598 plan gives 6 GB extra data which will be valid for up to 84 days. Common features of all three plans are an unlimited calling facility and daily data with 100 SMS a day. On a per-day basis, the Rs 219 plan gives 1 GB and the other two plans give 1.5 GB. 


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