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Do you want 10 GB extra? Check this plan launched by JIO

The present pandemic situation of coronavirus has put many businesses into losses and many more other fields of businesses have hit their highest profit margin unexpectedly like the medical field, telecom companies, digital products, and many more other fields. Among such organizations and companies, most of them are trying to serve a helping hand for the needy in many different ways. Like, for example, some are offering some kind of special offer in their products or services, and some are helping out the needy people by providing essential items during this COVID crisis like providing oxygen concentrators, medical kits, medicines, hospital beds, blood donation, plasma donation, etc. 

Why Reliance Jio is one of the best companies in the market?

Reliance Jio is one of the best examples of this pandemic situation. A few days before only, in the month of May, Reliance Jio had announced a special offer to its customers wherein they gave 300 minutes free calling without recharges, one plus another plan was also free which was mainly aimed at benefitting the backward and poor households. The telecom company, Reliance Jio has come up with another such offer wherein the company will be giving about 10 GB extra data, with free calling and Disney+ Hotstar VIP and around 3 GB data daily with other additional benefits to its customers. 

What is the benefit of adopting to new plan launched by Jio? What are the tariff rates and extra data available? Also, will I get any new subscription to Over the Top (OTT)?

The users who are looking for a free calling facility with more data can go mainly for 4 great plans of Reliance Jio. special among these plans is that you will also be getting extra data up to 10 GB. The four major plans of the telecom company Reliance Jio are briefly explained as follows:

  1. Jio’s Rs 401 plan: In this plan, customers will get 3 GB of data daily with a validity of 28 days. In this plan, under special offer, customers will be getting 6 GB extra data, 100 SMS free per day and additional benefits include a free subscription to Jio apps with Disney+ Hotstar VIP. 
  2. Jio’s Rs 598 plan: Under this plan, users will be getting 112 GB of data with a validity of 56 days, giving 2 GB of data per day. Other benefits in this plan include unlimited voice calling, 100 SMS free per day, free access to Jio apps, and a free subscription for Disney+ Hotstar VIP. 
  3. Jio’s Rs 777 plan: This plan gives customers 5 GB of data with a validity of 84 days giving 1.5 GB of data per day. This plan too includes limitless calling, 100 SMS free per day, free access to Jio apps, and a free subscription to Disney+ Hotstar VIP. 
  4. Jio’s Rs 2599 plan: This is the highest mobile plan of Jio with a validity of 12 months, which is for a year, 365 days. This plan provides customers with 2 GB of data per day and will also be getting 10 GB of additional data. Similar to other plans, this plan will also be getting limitless voice calling, 100 SMS free per day, free access to Jio apps, and a free subscription to Disney+ Hotstar VIP. 

Though the pandemic curve is on its way to flatten, it is the need of the hour to respond positively to the situation. We should avoid going out on a usual basis unless required. Or else, once again we might go back into the lockdown mode soon. 


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