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As Deliveries Rise UPS Drivers Say Company’s Coronavirus Guidelines May Abstain Them Or Customers From Keeping Safe

As deliveries rise UPS drivers say the company’s coronavirus guidelines may abstain from them or customers from keeping safe. Deliveries are rising in the course of the coronavirus pandemic as Americans remain home from work and school but 12 UPS drivers in nine states say that they are not sure if their company has taken enough measures to safeguard workers or the millions of customers they serve.
UPS has apprised drivers all over the country not to apportion their handheld gadgets with customers when making signature deliveries and drivers in California, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Washington said their everyday morning conventions have been scrapped since Monday to circumvent gathering crowds.
However, drivers of all nine states said that UPS had not offered any shielding gear to workers in their regions, no gloves or masks or inducted no contact deliveries. They would also like the company to provide them with hand sanitizers but UPS has rather advocated regular hand washing which drivers said is not specifically practical on their way.
A driver in Fresno California noted that he is still at indoor deliveries where drivers usher packages into office buildings or extensive homes and have not been provided with particular counseling of nurturing distance from customers.
He described that according to him they are at a high probability. The questions are not of if but when someone falls sick.