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Petition Filed Against Bryan Singer For Alleged Sex Crimes, FBI to Investigate

As the #SpeakOut Movement picks up more steam, more and more celebrities are being called out for their derelictions and sexual assaults. However, there are some in Hollywood that seem to be untouchable. One such name that comes to mind is Bryan Singer, director of such films as X-Men, Unusual Suspects and Bohemian Rhapsody. 

While allegations have been levied against him in droves, with evidence to back them up, Singer seems to not only stay under the radar of authorities, but is apparently also continuing his depravity and heinous acts. A new call to have the FBI investigate Singer has come down on Twitter, with new evidence of the evolution in his horrible actions.

Elijah Daniels took to Twitter to post a thread calling out Singer as a pedophile and sex trafficker. With supporting pictures to some of his claims, he lays out that Bryan has shifted from young actors to social media influencers. He also shows proof of the team of ‘recruiters’ that help Singer rope in his prey. It is a rather hard read, but one that is necessary to bring to light the injustices this man is able to accomplish.

Elijah Danila tweeted, “First off, #BryanSinger is a very high level movie producer and director. It is well known within the gay community in this industry to stay away.”

“He was known for having “pool parties,” with his high level execs, always with minors, where he and his high level friends would allegedly drug & assault young boys,” says Elijah.

He continues to tweet,” As some of his friends got arrested, he somehow stayed going. Making millions directing and producing movies. Due to his lawsuits, he has gone quiet on social media. THIS is why: Beginning in 2017 Bryan & friends switched focus. Instead of aspiring actors, influencers.”

“They have dipped into the influencer pool, promising movie roles, etc. as they did before. Moving to Instagram, Raya, TikTok, SeekingArrangement, etc. to get influencers. They fly these boys on jets (as he did before), as well as to movie sets and promise roles!” Tweets Elijah. 

It’s unclear what kind of power Singer wields in the movie industry. Most of these cases brought against him are either settled out of court or simply brushed away as if they never happened. Singer has been fired from movies, most recently the Queen biopic and the upcoming Red Sonja remake, but then bullshit blanket statements of vague reasoning are given for his departure. It seems like Bryan has some kind of Fort Knox sized vault of blackmail on the Hollywood elite to keep himself out of jail, and allowed to continue his horrendous acts.

Elijah covers his bases by making a tongue-in-cheek statement of all of his accusations to be ‘alleged’, but I am not about to do that. Singer’s reputation is far too well known, and this little Hollywood ‘secret’ hasn’t been a secret for quite some time. 

So, this petition for the FBI to investigate  (which has gained around 40,000 signatures at the time of this writing) is necessary, but not enough. Charges need to be brought against this man asap, before some other underaged, impressionable soul is corrupted, molested, raped, and scarred for life. Bring Bryan Singer to justice, and end his underaged sex ring once and for all.